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One Device, Unlimited Chaos

It's simple. You hide AnnoyingPCB and every 5-45 minutes it will beep, screech, or make a cricket noise. Why? Because variety is the spice of life and those around you need some excitement.

Compact and Lightweight

AnnoyingPCB is small enough to hide in most places and light enough that even off-brand tape is enough to hold it in place.

Lasts (almost) forver

The battery in AnnoyingPCB is estimated to last over 3 years. Rest assured your victims sanity will fail long before AnnoyingPCB runs out of juice.

Hiding Inspiration


The kitchen is an ideal place for AnnoyingPCB. Kitchens are full of items that already beep, so you can annoy your resident culinary expert for an extended period of time. Refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, drawers, and pantries are all ripe for AnnoyingPCB.


Try installing AnnoyingPCB in a home or work office (or both!) to drive the workaholic in your life to the edge. AnnoyingPCB can easily be installed under a desk, behind a monitor, or inside a light fixture.


The bedroom is the ultimate place to hide AnnoyingPCB if you want to give your target an intensely annoying experience. Tissue boxes, nightstands, dresser drawers, closets, and beds all make for excellent hiding spots.

Hear from people we didn't even pay to write such nice things

I hid it in my friend's kleenex box while we were hanging out at their place. The beeps are infrequent enough that you forget about it after it's gone off, just to be reminded again! There's a fine line between annoying and truly frustrating and this device walks it perfectly.

Jasmine P.

I bought 3 placed around the parts department at dealership I work at
been going almost 6 months and they can’t find it yet all the service
guys are in on it and we tell the parts guys we don’t hear anything


I hid this in my girlfriend's car, she had no idea what was happening and asked me to look at her car so I put another one in. A+ would buy again!

Travis T.

Best thing I’ve bought, my parents are going insane.

Tyler O.

Light weight and easy to hide. Got my co-workers flustered within an hour.


Love it! Works perfect and great for annoying that special someone! :D


It was easy to hide and lots of fun to watch my coworkers try and figure out what was beeping.

Nichole K.

Works perfectly, my wife was searching forever for the sound.

Andrew D.

Hid in my Bosses desk, he then offered me $100 to find it after a month of frustration


Tom punks his younger coworkers

[This is a real story from a real customer]

The current unit is at my office, sitting, mostly quietly, behind my PC. Lots of equipment around, so with the 4-45 minute delay between beeps and other electronic noises in the environment I wasn't sure whether anyone would notice. 

I was wrong.

Yesterday morning when I came back to my desk from the lab, the unit emitted its normal beep.  One of my colleagues shouted from his office "It was 12 minutes, I timed it! Doug, did you hear it?" Doug answered in the affirmative.  "Tom, did you hear it?" I answered that I had not heard anything out of the ordinary.  He accused me of having bad hearing because of my advanced age (I'm 65).

Today another engineer came by checking all the cubicles for power supplies or other equipment that might be causing the beep because "some other engineers have been complaining". I turned the unit off and placed it in a drawer.  Figure I'll let a period of silence increase the mystery. 

Tomorrow I will turn the unit back on, sit back, enjoy.   

Unlimited time offer!

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